Caroline & Josh Roten

Caroline & Josh are easily one of my most favorite couples. Caroline and I met a few years ago working at J. Major’s Bridal Boutique together, in which during that time she met Josh. He had moved in next door to her and we, of course, would all want her to spill the tea about the “new guy”. What started as a “He’s really nice but I’m not looking to date anyone right now” quickly turned into a serious love affair, I mean how could it not? Look at these two! *insert heart eye emoji*

Caroline has a heart of gold and they both are just as funny and sweet as they are good looking! Anytime I get the chance to take photos of Caroline, or better yet the two of them together, I jump on it!

Love you both and so glad to call you my friends! Enjoy this sweet little ‘Love Session’ at McGill Rose Garden.